About Us


We kindly ask you to take into account possibility to link cooperation with our architectural office involved with activity connected to preparation of investments, architectural, town planning, structural, M&P design and author’s supervisions.

We are the architectural design office that has been operated intensively in the Polish marketplace since year 2000. We have also international experience through studies and long-term stay out of Poland as well as cooperation of our members with the foreign operators, investors and offices.
We speak fluently in Polish, French and English.
We offer complex design and architectonic as well as multi-branch service commencing from conception stage via building, tender and execution projects and author’s supervision over construction. We have experience both with bog objects (see below approx. 50000m2) and also smaller ones, i.e. single-family houses. Projects executed by us characterize different subject-matters: office buildings, single and multi-family housing objects, hotels, school buildings, manufacturing halls, which has enriched our professional experience. We are very interested in extension of our experiences via cooperation with your company. It would be a great chance to develop our study, so we are open for any for of cooperation.
We kindly invite you to be in touch with our study.
We shall provide you with additional information with great pleasure.


Complex project service: conception, building, tender and execution projects, and author’s supervision.
Cooperation with branches: structure designs, projects of ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, sewage system, central heating, cooling system, gas, electrical, low voltage current and technological projects.


Public objects, hotels, holiday houses, multi family buildings and single-family houses, town-planning projects.


MicroStation, AutoCAD,3ds Max, Corel Draw, PhotoShop


Polish, French, English